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Marc Bombenon

Marc Bombenon Calgary PDLCC

Marc Bombenon is synonymous with Calgary business. Since building PDLCC over 30 years ago (his flagship company), a lifelong passion in aviation culminating in the recent venture of MBE Jets, becoming a recipient of The Gordon & Kathy Laing Memorial Award, or his leadership role in supporting the Calgary Stampeders CFL team, Mark is a true Calgarian at heart.

Matterhorn PR teamed up with Marc Bombenon in 2011. Marc will be the first person to tell you that we are not your typical PR firm. Since, and as we have stared in other parts of our website, we are a marketing driven PR firm, we look at everything from a holistic perspective.

The truth to the above statement can be found in the fact that, if Marc knows you well enough to confide in you his business activities, Matterhorn PR President David Howse and Marc Bombenon meet outside of the scope of public relations to address other Calgary-based business activities. From this relationship, David would be the first person to tell you that a major portion of Marc Bombenon’s thoughts revolve around how to bring more business to Calgary and to improve the city he loves so much.

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